Sailuk Contributes to the Construction of Rail Transit


The vigorous development of China's urbanization is inseparable from the construction of the national road network. The state has been paving Bridges and roads for economic development, so citizens have a lot of choices for transportation. In order to effectively solve the problem of people's travel, the country has invested a lot of construction in rail transit.

The design of rail transit originated from foreign countries, which use a large number of riveting schemes for rail transit, but the rivets used in rail transit need to meet the requirements of high strength, high tensile resistance, shear resistance and locking force. But it needs certain technology, so there are not many enterprises that master the core technology and manufacture high quality rivets. When China began to develop rail transit, Chinese companies gave priority to introducing advanced rivet-making technology, Sailuk being one of them. After years of technical research, Sailuk has successfully become one of the best companies in China.

In 2021, Sailuk was certified as IATF16949 and is capable of producing rivets with high strength, tensile, shear and locking forces.

Sailuk Contributes to the Construction of Rail Transit

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